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Aug 6

Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975

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Aug 5

lucy liu


lucy liu

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Jul 26

Faye Wong in Switch Magazine, November 1997

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Jul 23


After Hours is so underrated.

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Jul 20

"You’re an idiot anyway. But if you say you get along with your parents, well, you’re a liar too"

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Jul 17

Isabelle Adjani. Photo by Eva Sereny

Isabelle Adjani. Photo by Eva Sereny

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Jul 16
"The very best screenplay I was ever sent was `Double Indemnity.’ It’s brilliant, but what’s amazing is that not one word was changed while we were shooting. Billy had it all there, and I mean all - everything you see on the screen was in the script. The moves, the business, the atmosphere, all written. When I mention `atmosphere’ in `Double Indemnity’ - that gloomy, horrible house the Dietrichsons lived in, the slit of sunlight slicing through those heavy drapes - you could smell that death was in the air, you understood why she wanted to get out of there, away, no matter how. And for an actress, let me say that the way those sets were lit, the house, Walter’s apartment, those dark shadows, those slices of harsh light at strange angles -all that helped my performance.” — Barbara Stanwyck

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Jul 15


Studio Ghibli 1985-2013. THANK YOU.

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